How To: Train your dog out of pulling on the leash while on a walk

Train your dog out of pulling on the leash while on a walk

Does your dog pull too much on its leash when you take it on a walk? Or only pull when you no longer have treats? This tutorial shows you how to break your dog of this unpleasant habit easily and quickly.

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Have bigger stronger dogs that's not pulling a leash. A at the end of the leash dragging you with him. He is the alpha pack leader and you have assumed a different role in your pets life. Treats or a clicker, not my American bulldog or my pitty bulls. . At the end of the leash is a discovery of their world. And your on the back of the bus, not even on the same block. What's that smell. Don't Jerk, pull, yank that leash. Don't yell or raise your voice. Stop! heelat left knee, tight grip on lead, turn into dog, step through dogs path, suddenly go different direction, guickly turn away, stay, in his way always, away from his way always. 3 or 4 ten minute session and your pet will pay attention to you and not that amazing aroma of the doggy next door diet that you just stepped in. That's the trick to leash training. Eat your treat good boy

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