How To: Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a dog leash

Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a dog leash

In this tutorial, we learn how to recycle plastic grocery bags into a dog leash. To begin, you will cut the plastic bags in half, then cut off the handles of the bags. Next, apply glue to the entire bag, then roll up into a straight line. Continue to do this for several different bags, depending on how long you want your dog leash to be. When you finish this and the glue is dried, tie several bags together end to end, and have three rows of these. Now, take the bags and tie them in a knot around the hook for a dog leash. Now, place the hook to a surface and then start to tie the bags together in a braid shape. Keep doing this until you reach the bottom of the bags, then make a loop for the handle. When finished, this is a great bag to use that will recycle around 14 grocery bags!

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