How To: Recognize the symptoms of canine kidney disease and treat it

Recognize the symptoms of canine kidney disease and treat it

Determining whether your dog is sick is and how is seldom easy, even for vets. Canine kidney disease is a very serious problem for dogs, and recognizing it early is vital to successful treatment. Watch this video to learn how to diagnose the symptoms and get your dog the care they need.

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1 Comment

thanks for the video...great info (although the entire video did not play…idk if its a problem with the video itself…or my mac or connection..i tried to replay it 3x)

i was interested in this topic because i have a 'min pin' that i feel doesn't urinate enough…he is a 'little bit' overweight and is not as active as he was before my mini dachshund (his buddy) passed away sept 2012 …

he has gained 3 or 4pounds since then (he is currently on a diet).

so i don't know if that could be a reason for it or not…the vet doesn't seem to think its a problem…but since he is a rescue w/prior abuse history, we just don't know if he ever had an injury or previous problems.

he seems happy and does love to go outside for our daily walks 6-8x per day.
i am looking now to find another dachshund puppy…he needs a new buddy to play with…i'm sure that will perk him up ;-)
have a great day!

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