How To: Teach Your Dog to Grab It's Ball

Teach Your Dog to Grab It's Ball

This how to is to teach your dog to hold it's ball in it's mouth for a short time

Step 1: Ball/Treats

get a ball and a treat he/she loves

Step 2: Sit

get your dog to sit and sit down in front of him/her

Step 3: Lets Start

once you have done the following steps hold the ball in front of him and with your thumb hold the treat behind it. your dog should attempt to grab the treat and paw at it (don't let him get it) keep it in front of him near his mouth and he should attempt to grab it

Step 4: Praising

once he grabbed it reward him with the treat and say grab ball or something similar

Step 5: Repeat

keep repeating it until he learns the trick

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