How To: Train a Pit Bull terrier

Train a Pit Bull terrier

This video explains how to train a Pit Bull terrier. Begin training at seven weeks, but formal obedience training should begin at 4 - 6 months. Be sure to use positive training methods that rely on praise and treats as motivators, rather than pain.

Use proper technique when training the pit bull terrier, as you would with any dog. Pit bulls are not dominant by nature and will respond with proper encouragement.

House train your pit bull terrier to be housebroken by taking him outside often. Wait 20 - 30 minutes after feeding the dog, then take him for a walk. After bringing the dog inside, wait a little, and then take him back outside to see if he needs to go again.

Say, "no" if the dog pees inside and immediately take him outside. Say "pee outside" and praise him when he does so.

Take your dogs for long walks. A well-exercised dog is a happy dog. Lots of exercise can reduce the possibility of annoying behaviors.

Train your pit bull to always heel when on the leash. Do this by not allowing it to pull you, and jerk the leash should the dog begin to walk in front of you, saying "Heel" firmly at the same time. Praise it when it obeys.

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