How To: Teach a dog to walk on their hind legs

Teach a dog to walk on their hind legs

This video dog training tutorial is lesson on teaching your dog to walk on their hind legs. To train a dog to walk on their legs using this method, the dog will need to be clicker trained and will also need to be able to able to beg. Watch this instructional video and learn how to teach a dog to walk on their hind legs.

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Does it hurt a LARGE breed to walk on legs? My border collie grew to 66 pounds and he can stand on legs, but I've been told it might hurt his hips.

very useful thanks.

I like this a lot thank you, I have just started training my collie (my first one ever) where can i see the rest of your videos (and comment :p) I have trouble because my dog came to the household when there was already another one and he dominates her, so when we throw anything he gets to it first. Now, when I work with her alone she doesn't pick the ball/frisbee up cause I think she used to being dominated by the other one?

great video
is there one on teaching how to beg or sit pretty?
Need to teach my dog that one first

How do you teach a dog to speak (bark, cry, howl)?

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