How To: Stop your dog from jumping on you with a clicker

Stop your dog from jumping on you with a clicker

Dogs love their owners and will sometimes leap up in anticipation onto you. While pleasant for owners, strangers and friends might find the action uncomfortable or even intimidating if you have a larger dog like a German Shephard.

Prevent your dog from scaring away your social life by doing clicker dog training. Watch this video to see just how to train your dog to come to you calmly and on the floor instead of slobbering over your pants.

1-Teach your dog what you want them to do instead of jumping up FIRST
2- Don't reinforce jumping up with attention
3- Proof by creating situations your dog will want to jump up in, so that the dog generalizes the behavior.
4- Prevent jumping when you are not in the mood to train your dog, by having your dog on leash or in his pen

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