How To: Properly housebreak a puppy to avoid accidents

Properly housebreak a puppy to avoid accidents

Karen Lanoue-Lambrecht, CPDT, demonstrates how to properly housebreak a puppy to avoid accidents. Keep your dog on a leash when you bring it outside to go to the bathroom or else he'll get distracted and not know why you're out there. Look for two puddles and two piles to make sure your puppy has finished. Celebrate towards the end of his bathroom cycle with words like, "potty" or "business." Afterwards, give your dog a treat while saying the word. The cue word can clue the dog to eliminate in a specific area. Try to use the cue words with your dog on different surfaces outside so the dog isn't particular to going to the bathroom on just one surface. Give the puppy about 10 minutes while walking back and forth on a leash to do their business. If the puppy has not eliminated within 10 minutes, bring back inside, crate them for 15 minutes, and then bring back outside.

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