How To: Scissor the top knot of a poodle

Scissor the top knot of a poodle

This video slide show tutorial gives a step-by-step guide to scissoring a poodle topknot.

1. After clipping the face against the grain with a close blade, the line is first scissored from the outside corner of the eye to the top of the base of the ear.
2. Scissor over the top of the ear and behind the ear to blend into the neck. Do not scissor across the back of the neck.
3. Comb over to one side and scissor the shape of the side of the topknot. Do NOT scissor straight up, but slightly rounded out.
4. Do the other side, hopefully to match.
5. Shape the top to the height you need to balance the length of muzzle.
6. Leave a beveled ledge over the eyes to give depth of expression. The fullness of the topknot relates to the length of the overall style, the frequency of grooming, and occasionally the owner's wishes.
7. Scissor the back of the head to flow into a long elegant neck line.
8. Looking down from the top, there's a nice oval shape.
Watch this instructional video and learn how to scissor the topknot of a poodle.

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