How To: Train your dog advanced tricks

Train your dog advanced tricks

Ron Watson of Positive Vibe dog training studio in western Michigan with Frisbee Foundations and Dog mantic Dog Training TV explains how to do vault, stall, and rebound discrimination dog training. First, add value to a barrel by using eye contact. When the dog goes to where the reinforcement happens, feed it treats. Then order the dog off the barrel. When the dog jumps up by its own volition, then you know the technique is working. Then, set a linear vault by saying, top, and tossing the treat past the barrel. The dog will jump over the barrel to get the treat. You can reward for position. Once the dog has the linear vault down, toss it a curve ball by asking it to stall. Call the stall and hold the dog on the top of the barrel with the treat. Build a contrast between the stall and the vault. The final piece of the puzzle is the reverse vault. Ask the dog on the top of the barrel and toss the treat away while saying, "Rebound."

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