How To: Teach your dog to be caught when loose

Teach your dog to be caught when loose

Dog trainer Emily Larlham of Dogmantics, goes over some good clues on how to grab your dog when it's running around loose.

"A lot of dogs will actually bite if their collar is grabbed when they are loose and fearful after having run away. The short exercises I will show you in this video explain how you can condition your dog to LOVE and feel relaxed and safe, when their collar is grabbed. Even if your dog would never run away from you or you have a confident dog this is a great exercise to practice, incase of emergencies like a fire or flood or when your dog is hurt and could be skittish and acting abnormally." (Dogmantics)

Dogmantics is dedicated to your pup! From how to solve problems with your dog's behavior to tricks and understanding your dog's body language and communication... You name it, Dogmantics covers it! Search "Dogmantics" for other dog-training related videos!

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