How To: Train your dog to sit in a purse / crate

Train your dog to sit in a purse / crate

In this video by Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham goes over steps on how to teach your dog to love being in a purse.

"One of the main reasons that people get small dogs is for the convenience of being able to take them where ever they go. One way of taking dogs everywhere is by concealing them in a purse. This tutorial goes over the basic steps of purse training, and if you have a large dog, this video will also be of interest because you can use the same techniques for crate training as well as teaching cute tricks that are used in movies and commercials- like a dog going into a suitcase or a dog going into a shopping bag, you name it!" (Dogmantics)

Dogmantics is dedicated to your pup! From how to solve problems with your dog's behavior to tricks and understanding your dog's body language and communication... You name it, Dogmantics covers it! Search "Dogmantics" for other dog-training related videos!

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