How To: Train a German Shepherd

Train a German Shepherd

First in the training for a German Shepherd is that your dog should start the very first day you bring your German Shepherd puppy or adult home. In general, Dog obedience training benefits are to give proper mental and physical activities. Secondly, there should be existence of friendly relation (bond) between you and your dog. The third is to ensure that your dog's safety and happiness. Lastly correct many types of dog nuisance behaviors like digging, barking and chewing etc. Two levels of Dog obedience training. First is the Basic dog training behaviors (every dog should have this at minimum). Second type is the Competitive obedience dog training and performance. Minimum Dog obedience training is like housebreaking, sit, lie down and come on command. A well trained German Shepherd is much more confident than an untrained dog. Enroll you and your GSD in a local dog obedience training class in your area. This is really really good way to learn basics of dog training. Try practicing obedience commands with your GSD in various locations. Begin training in an area that is familiar to both you and your dog and with the least amount of distractions as possible. Give your extra efforts too. The real test of the dog is to perform on commands given it anytime and all. Some tricks such as for good behavior of your dog you should reward and praise him for doing well. Make a daily schedule based training. You want to make fun activities, not boring activities, so that your dog will learn it better and will have fun.

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