How To: Train dogs to weave though legs

Train dogs to weave though legs

This is a quick video tutorial on how to teach weaving through the legs using luring or shaping. This dog training video helps train your pup to weave through your legs. This is a basic step in teaching dogs agility for courses and competition.

Einstein demos how fast a dog can pick this trick up. The footage is almost in real time.

This exercise is great for building a shy dogs confidence. However, take it slow, some dogs might go through your legs on the first try, others might take a week to initially feel relaxed going between your legs. Chihuahuas in particular are very nervous going through their owners legs. Take it slow and dont get frustrated! Tips: Make sure to fade out the treat very quickly. The rule is usually- use the treat the first 3 times and then pretend to have a treat, to having an obviously empty hand. Raise criteria constantly or you will get stuck with a dog that needs a treat after each leg pass.

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