How To: Train a pitbull

Train a pitbull

From Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham visits pitbull specialist, Jessica Wheatcraft to get some tips on how to understand and train your pitbull. .

"Pitbulls have been given a bad rap by the media and irresponsible, even abusive owners. This episode of Dogmantics focuses on one trainers journey into the heart of the breed and what she found out along her way. Harley, her dog, began her mission to dispel the myths surrounding the breed. Jessica gives us some training tips for pitbulls and demonstrates how clicker training seems like it was almost invented for this particular breed." (Dogmantics)

Dogmantics is dedicated to your pup! From how to solve problems with your dog's behavior to tricks and understanding your dog's body language and communication... You name it, Dogmantics covers it! Search "Dogmantics" for other dog-training related videos!

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