News: Complex Fetch Machine for Simpleton Dog

Complex Fetch Machine for Simpleton Dog

No more repetitive, boring games of fetch with your dog. Solution: Build a machine that will take care of it for you. Problem solved.

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omg weener dog! cute! I need something like that for my kittehh...


That's cool! I wish I had built one when my dog was not old, fat and lazy. It's actually kinda sad that the dog has to play with a machine and not it's owner, but sometimes they just wear you out if you try and play with them until THEY are tired which is never.

excellent - animals are great they have no problem about totally going for it - feeling the moment -- something simple brings so much joy - they live totally in the moment -- he is not a simpleton - he's in touch. we are the simpletons!!!

the kid is into it as well.

actually the contration is kewl

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