How To: Treat ear infections (otitis externa) in dogs and cats

Treat ear infections (otitis externa) in dogs and cats

Learn how to care for your pet with help from VetVid. See how to care for ear infections (otitis externa) in dogs and cats with this video tutorial.

Learn more about ear infections in dogs and cats (Otitis Externa). Discussed is the testing, diagnosis, therapies, and treatment for your pet.

VetVid's videos assist pet owners in making informed decisions on healthcare issues for their animals. Their veterinary advice is for consumers around the world! But... this information is not meant to replace the advice of your regular veterinarian.

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Glad to see so much information on this site and the tips are great. People should take care of what is used and be sure to know that cats ears are more sensitive than dogs ears and many dog ear medications aren't safe for cats. I have a dog and a cat and discovered this problem and a solution found called dr dogs ear oil was able to help because it is one formula working safely for both of them when ear treatment is needed. It's a natural otc ear medication we got it online at Had SO many issues before this and I know it's a real painful matter to deal with and resolve ear issues. Wish you all good luck and hope you never have chronic ear problems like my bud did.

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