How To: Stop your dog's excessive barking

Stop your dog's excessive barking

In this how-to video, you will learn how to stop your dog from barking excessively. Dog's bark naturally. It becomes a problem when your dog barks too much. First, determine the reason why your dog is barking in the first place. From this, you can determine the next step. If your dog looks like he or she is barking at nothing, the dog is definitely barking at something because of heightened sense of hearing and smell. You must communicate to your dog what is acceptable behavior. Never reward for your dog for barking. If your dog barks when the telephone rings, do not yell at your dog, and get your dog basic obedience training. Dogs are social creatures, and separation anxiety can cause dogs to bark. Praise or reward your dog when it does something you like. Spray your dog with water or throw a can with coins if your dog does something you do not like. This will create a negative association to the dog's action. Doing this over and over will break your dog's excessive barking habit. Dogs may also bark at delivery and postal workers. This happens if you reward a dog when it barks at a stranger. If all else fails, barking surgery may be an option. Hopefully, another option may be available. By viewing this video, you will learn the best ways to stop your dog from barking.

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