How To: Prevent motion sickness when taking a dog for a ride

Prevent motion sickness when taking a dog for a ride

In this video Dee Holt is going to show viewers how to prevent motion sickness when they're taking their dogs for a nice ride. First she starts off by telling listeners that if they happen to have a new dog or puppy it's very important that they get their pets used to riding in a car. A dog can get motion sickness so it would be very helpful if you always take a sheet or towel with you just in case. A person should never feed their dog or give them a lot of water within four hours of a car ride because it can definitely lead into an upset stomach. If the sickness is severe and some of these tips aren't working she goes on to explain that there is a new pill on the market called Cerenia which is actually the first and only motion sickness pill available for dogs. First check with your veterinarian to make sure that it's the right fit and you all should be set to go.

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