How To: Perform CPR on a pet

Perform CPR on a pet

Pets America demonstrates how to perform CPR on a pet. First, lay the animal on the right side to bring the heart up. Bring the animal's left elbow back to the heart. Locate the pulse point. You can also feel the pulse on the pet's wrist or artery on the inside thigh. After locating the pulse, start CPR. Give the pet four quick breaths by having the head in line and tilting it back to open the airway. Close the lower jaw with your hands and hold the mouth shut. Bring your mouth down to the nose and breathe into it. Then, check the pet's pulse again and perform 15 compressions in 10 seconds. Give the pet one breath and add an abdominal squeeze to help circulate the blood back to the heart. Repeat the breath, compression and squeeze cycle as necessary.

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