How To: Make homemade natural dog food

Make homemade natural dog food

If you're looking for some natural dog food recipes or homemade dog food, this recipe from the Natural Pet Food Cookbook is a great start. Chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips puts Bandit's Beef Stew to the test, and this dog food recipe was approved with enthusiasm by his family's Shih Tzu puppy, Sugar. This recipe can be prepared as an organic dog food with the right ingredients. Just choose canned organic vegetables when preparing this meal. It's also a human grade dog food, as Chef Jason Hill attests — and not bad, either! Using natural organic dog food ingredients, this special treat makes a great alternative to dry dog food such as Nutro Dog Food, Innova Dog Food, Canidae Dog Food and Pedigree Dog Food. It's a gourmet dog food your pet will enjoy time and time again. Learn how to prepare this natural and organic dog chow recipe at home by watching this video tutorial.

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I'm afraid to say it but YOU'RE NUTS. When you consider the cost, not only of the raw materials, but the energy expended in it's preparation, and contrast this with the needy and poor; i feel that you are insulting many, many people in this poor economy.

Insulting how? Do you own a dog? Have you ever noticed the veterinarian costs associated? Quality dog food isn't cheap. Most is junk that honest vets warn you to keep away from. Nutro, and Royal Canin are excellent - Pedigree is crap. Making your own food is not that expensive as compared to vet fees associated with feeding your pet garbage food - not as a daily thing, but as maybe a once weekly change or treat. Our Shiba Inu is a breed with a sensitive stomach, susceptible to allergies if fed most of the carp people buy their dogs - resulting in poor coats, lousy teeth, and bad health. How is my buying a dog that cost me $2000 and feeding him food that keeps him in excellent health "insulting" to anyone but a welfare leech? That's THEIR problem - not mine.

I always heard that corn is not good as it is hard to digest.

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