How To: Give a massage to your pet dog

Give a massage to your pet dog

Do you enjoy a nice massage? So do animals. This DoggieDeeva video demonstrates how to do a canine massage. Make a nice comfortable area for the dog to lie down. Make sure the area is not real soft nor do you want it real hard. Have your dog lie down and lay on its' side. Start with the face. Make circular motions around the dogs face and nose. Use slow outward strokes on the ears. Keep encouraging the dog with "good dog" or "doesn't that feel good?" Continue with circular motions along the dog's side. Use long stroking strokes along the dogs spine. Avoid the stomach area because that is where the dog's organs are and if the dog just ate, you don't want to upset its' stomach. Stretch the legs, if the dog will let you. Straighten the legs and rub. Gently squeeze the muscles on the back legs. You will find your pet will love this and he or she will follow you anywhere!

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