How To: Feed your dog multiple pills without fuss

Feed your dog multiple pills without fuss

Most dogs will be able to tell the difference between a pill and, let's say… a piece of cheese. They aren't as stupid as you think. One is for eating and one is for spitting out. Well, this is a short video tutorial to teach you how to feed your dog multiple pills without fuss.

If you wrap the pill with some kind of food, your dog will still probably find it, separate it form the food, swallow the "food" and leave the pill sitting on the ground, nothing but slobbered on. The method in the video even beats the struggle of forcing the dog's mouth open, shoving that pill inside and holding it shut in hopes that your pet will swallow.

Go to egbertfitzwilly's Instructables page on "How to feed pills to your dog" for more information.

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