How To: Fade a lure from a dog trick

Fade a lure from a dog trick

In this video by Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham goes over how to get rid of the lure to food.

Dogmantics steps when using a lure:

1. Get RID of the lure as soon as you can! The goal is within 3 trials.

2. If you don't have a clicker use a very short word like "yes!" or "yep!"

3. Always make it harder and harder, don't get stuck at the same level of criteria

4. If you go to far to quickly you can always go back a step

5. If your dog is not following the lure, get a smellier lure - real meat!

Dogmantics is dedicated to your pup! From how to solve problems with your dog's behavior to tricks and understanding your dog's body language and communication... You name it, Dogmantics covers it! Search "Dogmantics" for other dog-training related videos!

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