How To: Diagnose and treat canine influenza (CIV) in dogs

Diagnose and treat canine influenza (CIV) in dogs

When we think of the flu, we think of sick people, but the little guys always get looked over… dogs. Learn how to care for your pet with help from VetVid. See how to diagnose and treat canine influenza (CIV) in dogs with this video tutorial.

Yes, just like people, dogs can get the flu. Canine influenza has emerged as a serious cause of canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD) complex in recent years. Dr. Mike explains the signs, diagnoses and treatment for dog flu as well as a vaccine, Canine Influenza Vaccine, H3N8, for canine influenza that can aid in control of the disease.

VetVid's videos assist pet owners in making informed decisions on healthcare issues for their animals. Their veterinary advice is for consumers around the world! But... this information is not meant to replace the advice of your regular veterinarian.

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