How To: Clean up dog accidents properly

Clean up dog accidents properly

This housekeeping how-to video offers five tips for cleaning up your dog's accidents. Follow along and clean up dog accidents properly with help from the Dog Channel's five tips. Learn to clean up urine or soil, keep your home smelling fresh and prevent future accidents.

1. Messes your dog makes on hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood floors are easily cleaned and deodorized by soaking up urine with paper towels.

2. To clean up a carpeted area, or a mess on a rug, blot up the urine with paper towels. Place several layers of paper towels on the spot and press down. Repeat with fresh towels until the spot is almost dry.

3. Use a soapy solution of warm water and a cleanser to wipe the carpet or hard surface clean. Rinse the surface, and let dry completely. An enzymatic cleaner breaks down odors to help eliminate your dog's tendency soil again.

4. When the area is dry, apply a solution designed to deodorize pet accident areas.

5. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar to form a natural deodorizer. Test the solution on a hidden spot of the carpet to check that the vinegar won't bleach or discolor your carpeting.

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